Monday, May 19, 2008

Thing #19: Web 2.0 Awards

I've browsed through and tried out a bunch of the winners and honorable mentions, most notably 43 Things, Wayfaring, Clipmarks, Craigslist, Wetpaint, Zillow and Facebook. There are a lot of great resources here, but I find it difficult to use most of them from home due to having dial-up access.

If I still had my own desk and pc at work, I would definitely be using Pandora every day (if I wasn't listening to WFMU shows). I've created a couple of stations, but what I like best is being introduced to new music. I have eclectic taste, so choosing a more obscure artist to create a station around usually leads me to an interesting mix of unfamiliar music.

There are other music tools I've found that didn't make it onto the Web 2.0 Awards, but I recommend them highly:

Mixaloo lets you create playlists that can be saved, shared and embedded. You can listen to streams of other folks' mixes all day long, and you can buy and sell mixes as well.

Finetune is another playlist tool that allows tagging of individual songs as well as artists, and can generate playlists based on user provided metadata

Musicovery is an interactive discovery web that lets you choose the style, mood, time frame and popularity level of music and lets you listen to music while seeing related artists and songs. You can also change the country orientation (US, UK, France, Spain, Portugal) to add international flavor.

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