Monday, May 19, 2008

Thing #20: YouTube

YouTube could be a major timesuck at home if it didn't take 45 minutes to load a 4-minute video on dial-up. There are some pretty creative people adding their own content, but they are definitely in the minority. In the digital age, any twit with a digital camera can upload a video of themselves lipsynching some crappy song or reenacting a scene from last night's episode of The Hills. Blech.

I love being able to find TV clips from days gone by and other countries, as well as old music videos and live performances. In the last year, I've gotten hooked on Flight of the Conchords and found a bunch of clips from Australian and New Zealand tv appearances from earlier in their career. It's interesting to see the evolution of their stage personae as well as the songs.

"Bowie" on Wellington NZ local cable show Newtown Salad in 2000:

From @ 2002 on Australian tv:

And from their 2007 HBO series:

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