Monday, May 19, 2008

Thing #23: Wrapping Up

Whew, I'm glad this is nearly over! It's been a pretty wild ride from my end, trying to keep up with editing blog entries, reading blog posts, tracking players on our spreadsheet and completing my own 23 things.

I'd had some experience with most of the things on the list, so the real challenge for me was teaching folks without sitting right next to them. The chatty blog posts that we cribbed from PLCMC are not my style; I prefer bullet points and numbered lists, and I think the players would have an easier time figuring out what they needed to do with lists. The podcasts from PLCMC should probably go as well. I didn't find them helpful and it was just another time-consuming step for folks to follow. I'd like to see things more streamlined for next year.

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Chris said...

Jill - congratulations! You did a great job as a member of the Webthings Committee. I (virtually) pat your back!