Monday, May 19, 2008

Thing #22 : ListenNJ

I used audiobooks to keep up with reading for my literature classes while I was in college. I would have used ListenNJ to get my hands on a lot of the titles that the library didn't have on the shelf.

I didn't have any real problems downloading and installing the software, and I downloaded Jack Kerouac's Big Sur. I should have listened to the excerpt clip that was provided, because only after I downloaded, burned CDs and tranferred the book to my iPod did I listen to the reader and discovered I couldn't stand his voice. Ah, well. I know many audiobook consumers can be particular about the readers, so having the sample audio is a great feature. The bib record doesn't clearly state the reader's name, but it's under the author's name and they are indexed so voice groupies can find their faves.

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